In presenting this gallery, I approached it in four scenarios: a peaceful day in town, a gunfight in the street, a stagecoach robbery, and a cattle drive.

The peaceful day in town scenario is intended to highlight the town itself.  There are more than 20 structures associated with the town.  The vast majority of those structures are by Peter Pig; three are by JR Miniatures, and one is a scratch-built building frame made from Evergreen plastic materials.  The Gunsmith tent is by Musket Miniatures, and the windmill is from Woodland Scenics.
The townsfolk and horses in the peaceful-town scenario are by Peter Pig, Old Glory, Minifig, Stone Mountain Miniatures and Preiser.  The wagons in that scenario are by Jordan Products from their HO Highway Miniatures.  The sidewalks are scratch built from Evergreen plastic materials.  The outhouses and hitching rails are from Peter Pig.  The corral is by Atlas.  The signs are homemade decals that I worked with my daughter to produce.
The train is Peter Pig, and the rails are the cheapest HO scale rails I could find at Arnie’s Trains Shop.  The background trees are by Grand Central Gems.  I like the way they look.  They come in a range of sizes; they are sold by the bag and are relatively inexpensive when compared with other brands of HO trees.  Everything was given a base covering of Woodland Scenics’ Fine Earth and/or Fine Burnt Grass.

The gunfight scenario features figures from the Peter Pig Wild West range.

The stagecoach robbery scenario features a stagecoach by Minifig chased by mounted robbers by Peter Pig.

The trail drive scenario features modified Zulu cattle from Stone Mountain Miniatures combined with a few HO scale cows and calves I’ve picked up here and there over the years.  The horses are Peter Pig, but I’m not sure who made the cowboys because they were given to me by a friend, and I never saw a manufacturer’s name associated with them.  They came in one pose that I modified to produced the different looks you see.  The chuck wagon is by Peter Pig.

The background mural was made by my daughter and me and is the same used as background for the Samurai Gallery.

Pictured in the above-listed scenarios are only a couple dozen of the more than 200 figures I have painted for the Wild West.  The vast majority of those 200+ figures are from the Peter Pig Wild West range.  They were wonderful to paint because they have great detail and a wide range of dress complete with dusters and all manner of hats.

This Wild West layout took three hours to do from set-up to take-down.   Set-up began at 10:30 a.m. and everything was put away by 1:30 p.m.  It was done in the backyard, and the photos were taken by my daughter.

Wild West Gallery