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About Me:
I am writing this on the eve of opening this website. For more than three decades, 15-mm military miniatures have been my hobby and a passion. At the time of this writing (the winter of 2008) I have painted more than 20,000 figures from eras ranging from 1st Century Imperial Rome to the Sudan in the 1890s, and I have boxes of unpainted figures from other eras ranging from the Middle Ages through World War II that are organized and waiting for the brush. 
Throughout the decades of my hobby, friends and acquaintances have asked an obvious question: “What do you do with all these soldiers?” The gamers I know are always taken aback by the fact that with armies the size of mine (ranging from a couple hundred on the small side to 6,000-plus at the other extreme), I have never played a game. Furthermore, friends from the non-miniature, non-gaming world, who have been kind enough to admire the quality of my work, are equally frustrated by the fact that I have no interest in displaying them around my home. My dentist has gone so far as to urge me to build a room for their display. I should note that my wife does not share my friends’ desire that either I display the armies in our existing home or in a room added for that purpose; however, she has always been supportive of my love of the hobby. It keeps me off the streets. The day may come when I game my armies; that has always been a possibility, and having just retired, the thought of displaying my miniatures has become an increasingly interesting prospect, thus this website. A website is, after all, cheaper than adding a room and has the potential for a much wider viewing audience.
No doubt, my love of this hobby is rooted in my childhood love of toy soldiers, but it has also been fed by the wonderful pictures of Peter Gilder’s figures in Wargames Illustrated from decades past as well as Wargames Soldiers and Strategy and the great galleries I find on websites like the Perrys’ and Touching History.  Today, this hobby seems to have been taken over by the larger scales, and with figures like those produced by Old Glory, Wargames Foundry, Dixon, and the Perrys, who can question why this trend has caught on?  But I have held firm to my love of the 15’s and the majesty of hundreds, even thousands, of figures advancing on all fronts.  A hobby should enrich your life; it should make you dream, and my 15’s do that for me.

Site Purpose:
As indicated above, my intent with this website is to share my collection with the world as others have shared theirs with me.  I will begin small with pictures from one period in my collection, the Samurai of the 16th Century.  Then every four months or so I will select a new period and open an additional photo gallery of those figures.  I hope my galleries will please, excite, and perhaps inspire the viewers.  My initial photography may leave something to be desired; we’ll see how difficult the learning curve is.  I hope that from those who view my galleries I will learn new things about the hobby in terms of methods, manufacturers, and sites that inspire.  At any rate, welcome to this corner of my world.  I hope you enjoy.

Sincerely, Richard