Facts About The Samurai Photo Set:

Regarding the Backdrop and Environment:

-The ground cover is a very cheap indoor-outdoor carpet that I purchased about 20 years ago. 
-The background mural is composed of five 2’ x 1 ½ ‘ pieces of masonite held in place by large clips.  I painted the sky which is just a wash of light blue paint over an overall background sky of a very light blue, almost white base color.  The landscape was painted by my daughter.  We did it all on one warm October day.  Photoshop hides the joints, nails, and shadows.
-The fields are by Musket Miniatures, and the rice paddies are scratch built using sheet plastic, putty and Woodland Scenics groundcover. (I typically use their Burnt Grass/fine and their Earth along with some fine ballast).  
-The trees are probably Woodland Scenics as well, but I’ve had them for so many years I just can’t remember for sure.  
-The raised earthen hills/mounds are made from small fruit cups cover with masking tape and paper mache.  
Regarding the Buildings:
-The castle and outer earthworks are by Village Green, which is now owned by Stronghold Miniatures.  
-The defensive walls on top of the outer earthworks are scratch built using plastic, putty, and Milliput.  
-The buildings pictured in the Japanese village are by Hovels; several appear more than once but with modifications to reduce the problem of sameness.  

Regarding the Equipment:

-The siege equipment is scratch built using plastic, wire, and Milliput.  I got their design from a two-page drawing in Military Illustrated (June 1994, Number 73 pages 22 and 23) of a Japanese siege.  
-The rice bundles are made from Milliput, and the ladders are made from wire. 
-The short wooden mantlets are by Two Dragons.  

Regarding the Samurai Figures:

-The vast majority of my Samurai figures are Two Dragons, but they also include Minifig, Old Glory, Essex, Naismith Design, and Peter Pig.  (The Peter Pig line came out after I completed my armies, but I purchased several packs because they offered some very interesting and unique additions and are very compatible with Two Dragons.)  
-The geisha and peacock are by Preiser.  

Regarding the Timetable:

My Samurai collection took me just over two years to complete.

Samurai Gallery